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  The Original Gospel Website: Bob Marovich's early writing on gospel music can be found here (special thanks to Stan North of Gospel Flava ( for helping us find the original website, feared lost forever in the ether
  The Black Gospel Blog: The definitive blog on black gospel, updated frequently by yours truly with reviews of gospel old and new, information on "essential gospel recordings," heads-up on emerging artists, and the like
  Gospel Gal: Another information-packed blog, hosted by LaTonya Taylor, that spotlights gospel music from yesterday and today
  The Belle Report: A comprehensive daily e-newsletter on the gospel music industry. Sign up by clicking on add
  Blogarama: The quintessential blog directory
  Gospel Memories Radio Show: listen live
  Sinners Crossroads Radio Show: listen live or to archived shows of Kevin Nutt's excellent weekly broadcast of Golden Era gospel music
  Record Connexion: Informative black gospel music website hosted by a collector who is based in the Netherlands
  Detroit Gospel: Archival photos, information and audio on the gospel sound of the Motor City
  The Dove Song Foundation: listen to classic and rare gospel mp3s
  Gospel and Jazz Discographies: great, searchable discographical information, particularly from the Savoy stable of labels during the 1950s
  Gospel Artists' Birth and Death Dates: compiled by Eric LeBlanc
  Gospel LP covers by Harvey: John Glassburner celebrates the work of the enigmatic Harvey who in the 1960s was commissioned to create original art for gospel LPs released by Savoy Records and its subsidiaries. Like jazz LP covers designed by David Stone Martin, Savoy gospel LPs are coveted today as much for Harvey's colorful, minimalist, intriguing covers as for the soul-stirring music inside
  Black Grooves: an excellent e-zine, complete with thoughtful gospel CD reviews, from the Archives of African American Music and Culture center
  The Gospel Highway: a blog featuring gospel artists who paved the way for today`s stars
  The Black Gospel Music Restoration Project: the blog associated with Baylor University's historic effort to digitize one copy of every classic black gospel recording
  Down Home Gospel: Compiled by quartet enthusiast Henry Thomas-Harrison. An excellent update on what's happening in the quartet world, especially in the Windy City of Chicago
  Just Moving On: Cies de Theije's website and blog celebrates the Seventies sound of gospel music, roughly 1965 - 85, with special emphasis on quartets
  Classic Urban Harmony: A marvelous site by Charlie and Pam Horner, with archival-quality images of vocal groups, including gospel quartets (see Angelic Gospel Singers bio)
  Spiritco1: Christian Internet Radio - gospel music 24/7 over the Web from Henry W. Harris of Maryland
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