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  Places to Find Vintage Gospel Vinyl or CD Reissues (Click Category Above to View)

  Pewburner: dozens of cd reissues of classic and hard-to-find gospel recordings from the Golden Age
  Roots and Rhythm: an outstanding on-line catalog of gospel music, much of it on reissue labels such as Ace (UK)
  California Albums: for out of print gospel LPs
  Shangri-La Records: one of my favorite record stores to visit while in Memphis; they have plenty of gospel (especially Memphis-based gospel) singles and LPs
  Gospel Friend Records: A link to exceptional CD reissues of classic but long out-of-print recordings by gospel pioneers
  Mojo Boneyard: an auction and set sale store that always has a fair amount of gospel 78s, 45s, and LPs to be had
  Kevin Kiley Records:
  Document Records: literally, LITERALLY, every pre-war gospel, spiritual, and jubilee recording has been reissued on CD courtesy of Austrian Johnny Parth. And it's all for sale on-line
  Jazz Record Mart: for those of you not fortunate to live in Chicago, you can still check out Bob Koester's exhaustive catalog of gospel goodies on-line
  N'Time Music: for gospel sheet music from yesterday and today
  Jberg's Vintage Black Gospel: to request a list of CD compilations of classic and rare recordings, most (if not all) having never appeared on CD before
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